1. A couple weeks ago I went up to the Sierra Nevada Field Campus to take another pastel class with Bill Cone. Here’s some of my work from this year. It’s such a great week! Getting to paint all day and be around other artists while you do it. And I learn more every time I go! Group photo courtesy of Bill. 

    We also had quite a range of weather this time! It rained for 2 straight days, we barely missed getting hit by a thunderstorm the next, and then the last 2 days were sunshine. It was good practice to paint in all that weather!

  2. Here’s my piece for the upcoming Fangamer ♥ Attract Mode gallery at PAX this year! It’s based on the game Earthbound, and it’s titled “Traitor”.

    If you’re at PAX in Seattle this year, stop by the gallery Saturday night! More details can be found here: 


  3. Swapped media today with Emily Tetri so I could try plain air with guoache. It was fun and made me think differently. Would definitely like to try it again!

  4. michaeldantedimartino:

    The official, 100% real Korra Book 3 trailer is here! New Book 3 music by Jeremy Zuckerman. Edited by Jeff Adams. Motion graphics by Matt Gadbois. Enjoy!

    I didn’t work on this season, but most of my awesome coworkers did! Check it out!

  5. bryankonietzko:

    We had a fun, impromptu lunch with *most* of the remaining Korra design team yesterday. After a long haul, we are in the home stretch with preproduction (design/color) on the Book 4 finale episodes. I’m going to miss these incredibly talented, friendly, and funny folks when we finish in a few short weeks. Left to right: Steve Hirt (clean up/add. prop & char. design), Christie Tseng (char. design), Melissa King (BG paint), William Nanqing Niu (BG design), Emily Tetri (BG paint), Christine Bian (BG design), Jojo Aguilar (prop & add. BG design), Mike, Lauren Zurcher (BG paint), and me.

    So, I’ve been a part of this for the past couple months! It’s been so fun and now I’m sad it’s already almost over. 

  6. Out painting the streets with Leanne today!

  7. Got in some pastel time today, finally!

  8. Bidding is open for this Earthbound piece I did for the Nintendo Charity Gallery! Check out my piece and many others at these links:

    My piece: https://www.doodlebender.com/art/earthbound-dr-andonuts

    Entire gallery: https://www.doodlebender.com/auctions/press-start-nintendo-charity-gallery/items

  9. Some more of my Disney Hidden Worlds work! This is the Brave Island. Props to my awesome co-worker Brittnie for doing the layout for me on this one :)  The last image is the initial color rough I did to get brand approval. 

  10. I recently did this piece for an upcoming game called Armello, and today they are launching their kickstarter! If you are into tabletop games, and want to play one in a absolutely beautiful digital form, please back this!